Sustainability is more than
just producing less waste.
Swiss wood
Wood is a natural raw material with countless advantages. Its extraction is relatively simple, it grows back, the energy consumption in processing is low and it is very versatile.
We mainly use Swiss materials, and therefore also Swiss wood, which means short transport routes. This actively saves energy, supports the Swiss forest and the regional timber industry. Swiss jobs are thus secured in the wood industry. Those who choose Swiss wood make a concrete contribution to the local value chain.

Sustainable use
Swiss timber means maintaining and managing local forests sustainably.

Renewable raw material
1/3 of the land area is forest. It is an important habitat for flora and fauna. Every 3 seconds, 1 m3 of the most important renewable raw material grows again in the Swiss forest.

Economic power
The use of Swiss wood from tree to furniture or house means 90,000 secure jobs.

Short transport
The wood is processed in the region - this noticeably reduces CO2 emissions.
For our planet
Sustainability - we show the way
What it means for us

Sustainability comes from forestry. The concept is not to cut down more wood than can grow back and be available in the future.
This concept can be applied to many everyday areas - from food, to electricity and water, to oil. The idea is to be conscious and thoughtful with resources and to be aware of the impact of our choices on nature.

Sustainability at Woohood

Wood is the most important material in our company. Our objects are created with passion in many manual and mechanical steps. We only choose Swiss wood that also comes from sustainable forestry.
The use of wood products ensures sustainability, as it binds carbon from the air- this means that the longer a piece of wood (or solid wood furniture in our case) is used, the better it is for us and the climate.

Conserve resources

Of course, as a business we cannot do without electricity, water and vehicles. Our goal is always to work in a resource-saving way. We only have LED lighting and do not use oil or gas for heating, but burn our wood waste to heat the workshop. This saves storage space and waste and at the same time produces energy. Furthermore, we separate our waste professionally into 6 different containers.

For nature - For you and me
Our contribution
Natural surface treatments
Organic acids and oils

We use organic acids, organic oils, or even the Japanese fire treatment "Shou Sugi Ban" (surface burning).

Neutralisation of CO2 emissions
Plant trees

We work together with and plant more trees than we process.
We also use petrol-free chainsaws, for example, which do not produce any exhaust emissions and are therefore a more environmentally friendly solution.

In case printing is needed
Tree-free paper

We use Envopap - Swiss paper made from agricultural waste, such as sugar cane and wheat straw waste. Paper without trees.
This means a 50% lower environmental impact compared to "normal" paper.